Our Focus at Linosa Ltd

To supply the finest range of chemicals and raw materials
To provide highly competitive prices
ISO 9001 Approved Warehousing and Logistics Ensure Quick and Efficient Fulfilment of Order

About Us

Established in 1974, Linosa Ltd. (speciality chemicals) is a prominent, independent Distributor of chemicals of finest quality and raw materials for multiple industries such as:


Cosmetic, personal care - Surfactants, emulsifiers, emollients & sunscreen agents specializing in natural, organic and soil association approved products


 Home care


 Industrial and Institutional applications - Vast range of high performance surfactants, anionic, cationic non-ionic and amphoteric available


 Oil slick dispersants - Formulated products and approved raw materials available.


  Turbine & Jet engine cleaners - We can supply specific & approved surfactants for such formulations.


 Timber preservation - specific surfactants available.


Our Promise

Linosa Ltd

To deliver quality chemical ingredients worldwide to customers in all industry sectors.

Linosa Ltd

To source products from market leading suppliers and ensure the highest product quality To provide strong technical and legislative back-up.

Linosa Ltd

To understand customers needs and expectations and to provide sensible and workable solutions.


Why Choose Us?

Being Independent we Source the highest quality Products.
We are Very Competitive
ISO 9001 Approved Warehousing and Logistics Ensure Quick and Efficient Fulfilment of Orders.
We will support you in product development, through trials and into full scale production.
Our package of products gives customers a single source for the total formulation.
We offer product expertise, full technical back-up, fast sample delivery, expertise in global logistics and a promise of unparalleled customer service.

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